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Show Update

The other day I blogged about some problems on “A Show Of Their Own.” Brit had decided to leave the show because of them and I said that I would continue doing the show on my own.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. I will not be doing the show. It is now officially “off the air.” The last broadcast was March 22nd.

I am sad about this but I am also looking forward to some fun new projects. I will say more about these in the near future. For now, I’ll just say this to everyone who supported me and Brit:

Thank you.


Going Solo

This coming Sunday my co-host Brit and I will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the internet radio show that we do, “A Show Of Their Own.” It will be a bittersweet celebration. Brit has decided to leave the show. Her last day will be April 5th.

Why have things come to this? Well, some other members of the internet radio show community decided a little over a month ago that I was the worst host ever to appear on internet radio. Since then they have tried to do everything in their power to get me off the air, including pressuring Brit, who created the show, to “fire” me. Things came to a head last week when I received a prank call from one of them in the middle of the show.

What makes this situation so sad is that Brit has been caught in the middle of it. She is tied to me, of course, but she also has emotional ties to the other side. She feels that she has no other choice but to leave something that she loves doing.

I am extremely grateful to Brit for giving me the opportunity to host this show with her. She is a very creative, talented young woman who I am sure will go far in her career. I am looking forward to continuing the work that she started, knowing that I am more than capable of doing so.  

A 50th Episode That Felt 50 Years Long

The 50th episode of “A Show Of Their Own” aired last night. It was the longest 90 minutes of my entire life!

A few hours before the show started I received an email from my dear co-host Brit telling me that she was having internet problems and that I should be prepared in case she lost her internet connection. Okay, fine. I was thinking that she’d lose her connection for a brief period of time and that she’d be back on within 30 seconds or so. I figured I could handle that. I could even handle it if it happened a couple of times. Well, Brit never really had an internet connection last night. I spent most of the show on the air by myself. It was extremely difficult. I pretty much ran through our entire agenda in a half hour and couldn’t really think of anything else to talk about. At one point I thought a caller had saved me. But it was only someone trying to play a joke on me. Not exactly what I needed in an already stressful situation.

Brit felt terrible about everything and kept apologizing to me via instant messenger. I felt terrible about being so frazzled that I couldn’t really respond to her messages properly. 

The one saving grace during the show was MLB.com Yankee beat writer and MLBlogger Bryan Hoch. Bryan knows his Yankee beat and it was great talking to him about it. The Joker called in again while I was interviewing Bryan. He waited on hold during the entire interview. I don’t know what happened to him after that. For all I know he could still be waiting to talk to me. 

Mmm, Hmm: Chatting With Humbe

Humberto Sanchez.jpgSo, on our show last night we interviewed Yankees righthander Humberto Sanchez. Humberto was great! He talked about growing up four blocks from Yankee Stadium, being traded to the Yankees and making his debut in The House That Ruth Built back on September 18, 2008. Click here to listen.

I have to say it was a big thrill, the biggest moment of my very, very short journalistic career. I also have to say that I have a long way to go if I want to become a professional some day. When I listened to the show’s playback I couldn’t believe how many times I said “Mmm, hmm.” What a shock!

Maybe someone should shock me every time I say it!

The Show Must (and did) Go On

Technology really sucks, sometimes. Yesterday I had problems with my Blackberry and with my land line. My internet connection seemed to be playing games with me and our internet radio show began with 45 seconds of dead air.

But the show that is my life and the show that is this one went on as usual. Last night, former SF Giants outfielder Jalal Leach was our guest.


Jalal Leach.jpgWhat a great guy! He talked about being teammates with Derek Jeter in the Yankee farm system (The Captain was a leader even then) and with Barry Bonds when he was with the Giants. We also talked at length about his Baseball Mentoring Program. Click here to listen to the interview.

Good Show, Yank!

The show with Joey Salvia was great! We had such a good time talking with Joey and playing his music. He’s a really nice guy, down to earth and extremely generous.

Wanna listen to the show? Here’s the player:




IMPORTANT: If you’re reading this post after December 1, 2008, just click here to listen to the show. The player only plays the most recent show.

Next week: Lisa Winston.

Gotta Clean Up! Guests Are Coming!

So I co-host this radio show over at BlogTalkRadio. Sometimes we have guests but not often. We usually go weeks without one. Now, all of a sudden, we’re having guests four weeks in a row. Last week it was Zack Hample. Monday night it’ll be Joey Salvia, the music guy on The Michael Kay Show:

Joe Salvia CD Cover1.jpg


Next Monday, December 1st, we’ll have Lisa Winston of MLB.com on:


Lisa Winston.jpg


And on December 8th, our guest will be former Yankee and San Francisco Giant Jalal Leach:



Jalal Leach.jpg


We’ve had some great guests on our show in the past and I’ve loved chatting with all of them. But these three that are coming up are the biggest we’ve ever had and I’m so psyched about having them. (And also nervous as hell.) I can’t wait!