Deadlines & Other Dates

The MLB trading deadline came and went yesterday with the Yankees not getting exactly what they need, but getting something nonetheless. That much needed pitcher did not materialize but utility man Jerry Hairston, Jr did.

I, too, had a deadline of sorts to meet. Pay up or move out by this coming Monday or be evicted. I didn’t get what I needed. I didn’t get the money I need to pay my back rent. But I got a promise of help, nonetheless, and that was enough for the judge in housing court to nix my lanlord’s deadline. I will be meeting with the landlord’s lawyer in a few weeks to come up with a new payment agreement.

There’s another deadline out there. Well, the word “deadline” isn’t the right word for it. Call this one an “upcoming show.” Brit Morgan, my former online radio co-host, does a show now with a really nice guy named Frank Maniscalco (“Frankie The Sports Guy”).  They do the show Sunday nights on BlogTalkRadio. Frank will be away tomorrow night, so Brit will be going solo. She’s got some great guests coming on, so tune in tomorrow night at 10PM Eastern. Click here for more details.

I wanted to mention Brit because some of you might know that the show we did together ended on a bad note. A bitter rift caused us to go our separate ways. I am happy to report now that we have settled our differences. She is a talented young woman with a good future ahead of her. I wish her the best of luck in all that she does. Knock ’em dead Brit!




  1. bern_asoto

    Thanks, ladies. Now if the Yankees would get back to their winning ways, all would be right with the world!

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