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The Promised Land

In 1968, shortly before his assasination, Martin Luther King, Jr spoke about a a visit to a promised land that he knew he wouldn’t get to live in. Tomorrow at 12 noon, the world will (hopefully) come closer to being able to live in that land when Barak Obama is sworn in as the 44th President Of The United States. 

The “I Have A Dream” speech is the most popular of King’s speeches, but today, on the eve of history being made, I think this one about his having “been to the mountain top” is most fitting:




A Truly Black, Black Friday

Wal-Mart.jpgI’m a seasonal employee at a very upscale department store in New York City. Yesterday, on Black Friday, the store opened at 8 AM. My manager and several of his peers expressed disappointment that the store wasn’t completely filled with people by 8:01 AM. Things didn’t really pick up until almost 11 AM. When I got home last night I found out what had happened at Wal-Mart and was very thankful that it hadn’t happened at my store.

Jdimytai Damour, 34, had just been hired by Wal-Mart for the holiday rush. He’d been there for four days. Yesterday morning at 5:03 AM he was trampled to death by shoppers rushing to get into the store. What a horrible way to die and for a horrible reason as well!

Last night I was angry at the shoppers who’d trampled him. How could they be so hell-bent on getting a bargain that they’d have no regard for human life? But this morning I realized that they probably didn’t even know he was on the floor. That and the whole crowd mentality concept: when you’re in a large crowd of people, you cease to be an individual and take on the thought process of the crowd.

Damour was probably working at Wal-Mart for the same reason a lot of us work in retail this time of year: he needed extra money or he just needed money, period. My condolences go out to his family and friends at this terrible time.