Going Solo

This coming Sunday my co-host Brit and I will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the internet radio show that we do, “A Show Of Their Own.” It will be a bittersweet celebration. Brit has decided to leave the show. Her last day will be April 5th.

Why have things come to this? Well, some other members of the internet radio show community decided a little over a month ago that I was the worst host ever to appear on internet radio. Since then they have tried to do everything in their power to get me off the air, including pressuring Brit, who created the show, to “fire” me. Things came to a head last week when I received a prank call from one of them in the middle of the show.

What makes this situation so sad is that Brit has been caught in the middle of it. She is tied to me, of course, but she also has emotional ties to the other side. She feels that she has no other choice but to leave something that she loves doing.

I am extremely grateful to Brit for giving me the opportunity to host this show with her. She is a very creative, talented young woman who I am sure will go far in her career. I am looking forward to continuing the work that she started, knowing that I am more than capable of doing so.  


  1. coasterbill

    Wow I’m really glad that you were nice enough to write a blog telling everyone what you thought Brit’s feelings were on the situation.

    How about next time you show some respect for her and let her speak for herself? She doesn’t need you to speak for her.

  2. whatsbrewinbtr

    I think that you should definitely look at yourself as the reason for people’s reactions towards you and your show. If you listen to your show and break down what you say you have repeated word for word the Michael Kay Show. You have no credibility and no respect for your listeners. How do we no how good Brit is if you never let her talk. i think the noble thing to do is since it is Brit’s show you should walk away, but you won’t so I wont listen

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