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14, 22, 300, 100, 2, 3, 11

After I watched the Yankees give up 14 runs in one inning today and 22 overall, I covered my gray hair with Garnier Vibrant Colors by Nutrisse in soft black, #300. (The package boasts 100% color!)

Maybe I should have waited. After all, if I can’t stop worrying about the Yankees I’ll wake up tomorrow with more gray hairs. It’s not like I can afford to buy another box of the stuff right now.

I think my hair is safe for now. The Yankees are probably safe for now as well. Unlike some people, however, I don’t really believe the new Stadium is a launching pad. I explain why over at my other blog, Lady At The Bat (LATB)

Speaking of LATB, don’t forget that my new radio show by the same name starts in 2 weeks! May 3rd, at 11PM Eastern. Mark you calendars! I’ll provide a link to the show page a few days beforehand.

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Spend $10,600 on The Yankees or…

There is a piece in today’s New York Times about the cost of tickets at the new Yankee Stadium. It’s very clerverly writen; Vincent M Malozzi does a cost comparison of Yankee tickets and what people might want to spend their money on instead. Since the top-priced seat at the Stadium is $2,650, and Malozzi has three sons, it would cost him $10,600 to attend a single game. Instead, he figures he could use the money to pay for one of the following:

Tuition at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York.

Cruising the Caribbean and, with the money you have left, buy a used Cadillac.

A two-week vacation: one week in Paris and the other on the Jersey Shore.

He continues, giving several other choices someone could make instead of choosing to spend it on Yankee tickets. Now, I would have loved this article had it not been for one thing: Vincent M Malozzi is a Mets fan. He talks about the top-priced seat at Citi Field being $695 but conveniently leaves out the fact that, for him and his three sons, that would be $2,780. I know it’s not half as much as what it would cost him for Yankee tickets, but it’s still a pretty penny. I could think of plenty of things to do with $2,780 and not one of them would be buying tickets to see the New York Mets. I could:

Ride the New York City Subway 1,390 times

Buy approximately 695 half-gallon containers of organic milk

Purchase about 185 boxes of Claritin-D 24Hr (15 tablets per box)

I could go on. Yes, I know, Malozzi is talking about luxury items and it goes without saying  that one can buy a ton of necessary items with that much money. I get it.  But when you’re struggling, sometimes a necessary thing can turn into a luxury.