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Twas The Night Before HOF Sunday…

So I’m still without internet service in an apartment I’m fighting with my landlord to keep, but this afternon, when I turned on my laptop to play some CDs, I discovered that I had a wireless connection in my bedroom. Oh, what fun! I’ve been online practically non-stop since around 5:30. As I write this it’s a little past 9:30.

Anyway, with tomorrow being Hall-Of-Fame Sunday, I’ve been thinking about what it was like back when Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson were in their heyday. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about what it was like for me, and I’m finding that, right about now, it’s almost exactly the same:

No internet (Forget what I said about the wireless connection I found. I’m talking in general terms.)

No cable

No income ( I was a student back then. Now I’m getting ready to start another retail job next week.)

Not much of anything, except God and church. Back then it was force-fed to me. Now I accept it willingly. I’m sitting here now, quite the happy camper, listening to contemporary Christian music, feeling blessed to have found this wireless connection and knowing that more blessings are coming down the pike toward me.  It’s all good.