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Lousy Weekends & Stylish Game Days

This past weekend was one to forget. The Yankees got swept by the Red Sox and I got swept away by a family emergency. The emergency began Friday night shortly before Mariano Rivera blew his first save of the season and lasted the entire weekend.

I’m hoping things will stabilize this week, just as I’m hoping the Yankees can put the brakes on this losing streak. Please, please, please! Stop the madness. I want my new radio show to go as planned this coming Sunday night.

I’m really looking forward to doing this show. I have two great guests lined up, including Andrea Claster Greenspan, creator of the Tessuta Game Day Purse:


Game Day Purse_Small.jpg


Like it? It’s available in the colors and logos of each of the 30 Major League teams. What’s even better is that I’m giving one away on the show Sunday night! Click the link below to find out how to enter for a chance to win it:

Tessuta Game Day Purse Giveaway

So, enter the contest as soon as you can for a chance to win. I’ll have more info on the show in a few days.


14, 22, 300, 100, 2, 3, 11

After I watched the Yankees give up 14 runs in one inning today and 22 overall, I covered my gray hair with Garnier Vibrant Colors by Nutrisse in soft black, #300. (The package boasts 100% color!)

Maybe I should have waited. After all, if I can’t stop worrying about the Yankees I’ll wake up tomorrow with more gray hairs. It’s not like I can afford to buy another box of the stuff right now.

I think my hair is safe for now. The Yankees are probably safe for now as well. Unlike some people, however, I don’t really believe the new Stadium is a launching pad. I explain why over at my other blog, Lady At The Bat (LATB)

Speaking of LATB, don’t forget that my new radio show by the same name starts in 2 weeks! May 3rd, at 11PM Eastern. Mark you calendars! I’ll provide a link to the show page a few days beforehand.

Women Batter Header Size.jpg

Predicting A Winner (or two, or three, etc.)

I sat down this morning and posted my picks for the 2009 season over at my other blog, my real baseball blog. No whining and crying over there about my crazy life, lol. Anyway, if you’re interested to see who I picked to win what, click on the links below:


2009 NL Predictions

2009 AL Predictions

Oh, yeah. I’m also predicting another kind of winner: My new project.

This Blog’s Purpose

Hi, I’m Bernadette. I’m a business owner and an aspiring radio talkshow host. I’m also a devoted Yankee Fan. I publish a baseball blog called Lady At The Bat on another blogging platform.

So, why am I starting this blog?

I’ve decided that I want to have a personal blog, one devoted just to the things that go on in my life, and since baseball is such a huge part of my life, I’ve decided that MLBlogs is the perfect place to have it.

So, I’ll be posting stuff about what goes on in the life of a 40-something, single woman of color who lives in the Bronx, NY and loves her Yankees. If this sounds interesting to you, come on back and read some more. Hope to hear from you, too!