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Now I Know That Winter Is Finally Over

When I looked out my livingroom window this afternoon, this is what I saw:

Roberto Clemente State Park.jpg

This is is the baseball field at Roberto Clemente State Park. Starting each Spring and often ending days after the last pitch of the World Series is thrown, adult amateur teams meet on this field almost daily to play baseball games. These are serious games, right down to the umpires and pitching changes.

Having this scene outside my window every year for the 12 years I have lived in this apartment has always felt very fitting to me as a baseball fan. It is like these guys are part of my apartment’s furniture. I can see them while I’m working at my computer. I’ll catch a glimpse of them while I’m closing the window after turning on the AC. Or, they’ll be with me when I’m startled by the occassional accident on the Major Deegan Expressway. They are the perfect backdrop to the life of a die-hard baseball fan.

They don’t have fans, unless you count Canadian Geese. Sometimes a flock of geese flies in and makes itself nice and comfortable in the outfield. One time I saw the rightfielder waving his arms, trying in vain to get them to fly away. That was fun to watch.

So these boys in the Bronx are back on the field, and pretty soon, the Boys In The Bronx will be back. I’m looking forward to enjoying them both.