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Lost In (Uh, I Mean, “And”) Toronto

lost11.jpgLast night the season finale of LOST aired while the Yankees were playing Toronto. I’m not a Tivo or DVR person, so I flipped back and forth between the two. Bad idea.

I’ve been watching LOST since its beginning but since this season’s episodes began I’ve been “lost” when it comes to understanding the plot. After last night I’m not sure I’ll ever be found.

Why was Ben so upset about Jacob not paying attention to him? (“What about me?”)  What’s the difference between him and Widmark?

Why were there two groups of people looking for Jacob?

Who is Ilana?

Is the ship Jacob was looking at at the beginning of the episode the same one found shiprecked in the jungle seasons ago?

Why is Horace so annoying? 

Why can’t Hurley get more air time?

Will I ever get the answers to these questions? Something tells me I won’t, just as I’ll never find out why the Yankees Retired Numbers are a recurring theme on the show or why Jack and his father trash the Red Sox from time to time. Actually, I read that a few of the LOST writers are big Yankee fans, so perhaps there are no deep, underlying meanings there. Which leads me back to my other questions: perhaps they have no deep, underlying meanings either, which means viewers of LOST will be forever just that.